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Energy - What we’re doing

We've Started Simple:

Programmable thermostat: 

In the winter when we’re home it’s set at 68 degrees.  At night and when we’re not home I set it at 62 degrees.  In the summer I set it at 78 degrees when we’re home. 

Here's a link to energy.gov

We also had our energy company come out and do an assessment.  Our windows needed attention.  When we did replace our windows it made a huge difference.  We still have some open items on our list and we get a few done each year. 

Light bulbs: 

As bulbs have burned out, we’ve replaced them with energy efficient bulbs.  

In our latest building, we had in-floor heat put in.  We’re still playing with the settings, but it seems to work pretty well.  We haven’t turned on the furnace but a few times over the winter.  

We’ve been talking about how we can incorporate solar, and wind.  As we discover more, we’ll post it.