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We've started our seeds!

Prior to that though, there is lots to talk about.  We started with figuring how much space we had for our garden.  

We also decided on making raised beds.  

Once we had all the measurements, we spent some time talking about what we like to eat.  Why grow something you won't eat?  We took the time to think about products made with produce.  For instance, we like pizza.  What would we need to make spagetti sauce and how much would we like.  

Armed with that we went to look for planting methods.  Mainly interested in spacing.  We found the Square Foot Gardening Foundation, and My Square Foot Garden.  Both sites basically give us an idea of how many plants per square foot.  

Once seeds are in hand, the packets will give directions on when to plant, or when to start indoors.  Now we had our basic information for our plan:  our space, our eating habits and plant goals, at well as the timing!