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Welcome to Bahrstead's! Are you ready for a journey to yourstead?

Is the career grind making you feel disconnected?  Have you outsourced every personal chore you can?  Do you eat out more than in, and know very little about where your food comes from?  

That's exactly where we were several years ago.  We asked ourselves some hard questions about whether that lifestyle was truly satisfying for us.  Since then, we've been making changes.  So if you're working toward a more sustainable lifestyle, you've come to the right place.  We are too.

Join us for a journey to Living Well!

Our mission is:

     -     To be good stewards of our land and preserve the agricultural heritage of our region.

     -     Produce grapes for our partner winery Vinmark Estates.

     -     Be productive through sustainable living.

     -     Use local resources

     -     Sell or donate any extra produce.

     -     Share our experiences with all who are interested to help others achieve their own sustainable goals.

     -     Develop partnerships to support companies that produce products or provide eservices to support sustainability.

Bahrstead's is on the outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota in the St. Croix River Valley

Contact us at generalinfo@barhsteads.com