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March 31st 2015 - Garlic

Last season we did quite a bit of research around garlic.  It's a well used item in so many different dishes and cooking styles.  It's easy to care for and the planting is done in the fall.  We ended up going with three different varieties.  

Chesnok Red Garlic - This is a favorite heirloom garlic because its an all-around use type.  It's rich but not overpowering.  When it's roasted it turns a garlicky-sweet.  It stores well (about 6 months)and is originally from the Republic of Georgia.  It also is disease resistant!

Red Grain Garlic - It's a good size bulb and has a flavor that is spicy with a mild zing.  

Lorz Italian - It's popular in italian dishes and is robust and bold.  

Last October we decided to dedicate several of the raised beds to these varieties.  I measured out the space and using some square foot gardening guidance, planted them either 4 to a square or 6 to a square.  The Red Grain Garlic was a large bulb.  See the pictures below. Once I did a little sizing, I broke the garlic up and planted each clove.  


I was just out taking a look at the beds and I saw the first peaks of the crop.  I know they are really small, but I couldn't resist taking a picture so you could see it too.  

Today it's sunny and mild and really does feel like it might finally be spring!